Do This If You Want Your Ads And Customer List To Be Profitable...

"This is bY FAR The EASIEST WAY To Make At Least 10X Of Your ROAS, Skyrocket Your ROI And Grow Your Business Or Brand"

If you are reading this, it’s because you are actively looking for help with getting the most value out of your customer or client list. For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to this list as your email list throughout this letter.

This letter is especially for you, if you…

👉 Have a list but does little to nothing with it

👉 Have a list, would love to send emails but no content

It is not uncommon to come across entrepreneurs [business owners in whatever niche] with a massive collection of lists from their previous customers or clients and prospects, but not put the list(s) to good use. 

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3 Fellows And Their Stories...

Jude...The Business Almost Went Under

Jude runs an e-commerce business where he runs ads on social media to drive traffic to a sales page. He was making good sales until he ran into some delivery issues with the courier company handling his orders. He tells his story:

When I launched my ecommerce business in late 2018, collecting emails and other contact details of my customers and prospects felt like the normal thing to do. In most cases, I’d put a call through to these contacts and even send WhatsApp messages to confirm their orders or interest but never used emails. Other than setting up an email sending account, the hardest three-forked challenge is

💻 Getting on my laptop to compose and send the email

📦 Coming up with relevant content to send

📧 Maintaining a healthy email sending frequency or consistency

So I had several email accounts but never sent an email until our business hit a rock in mid-to-late 2019:

At the time, we had several failed deliveries and our online business was headed for rocks. Worst of it all, our delivery partner only informed us of these failed deliveries weeks after they happened.

Not knowing what else to do, I switched over to sending some emails to our customers, apologizing for the delayed deliveries. At least 25% of the recipients responded to the email over the next 72 hours claiming they were never contacted after the initial calls to confirm their orders and that they were still interested in getting the product. The rest is good news!

Whatever happened the first time was avoided. We engaged independent delivery agents to handle these renewed orders. Losses were minimized and our business was revived without spending extra funds on ads.

The conversion rate was nearly a perfect 100% except for one or two persons who had to cancel their orders eventually. That’s not all. We were also able to get some loyal customers who repeatedly ordered for that product.

In all, we were able to recover over 43 of the 78 so-called failed deliveries. Some already ordered elsewhere while others eventually cancelled because of the delay. The initial volume of orders was 120. Of course, there were some phantom or abandoned orders among the 120. 

Each pack of the product was worth ₦10,000. Some ordered more than a pack. If you run the numbers, total sales from these timely email campaigns amounted to over ₦430,000 and we were comfortably back in business.

What Changed For Jude?

Jude is like most people who run ecommerce business in Nigeria. They are faced with numerous hurdles. Most times, huge revenue is lost because of some failed deliveries and cancelled orders.

If Jude hadn’t resorted to using email campaigns to reach out to his customers, he would have assumed the worst of them, thinking they cancelled. Consequently, this would have had a negative effect on his business.

Most marketers believe conversion is a one-time event, not an ongoing event. Unfortunately, not everyone seeing your promotion the first time is going to buy from you. 

The good news right now is: You don’t have to wait for a near-rock-bottom experience for your business before taking the steps he took to revive his business.

Joe...One Email Is Not Never Enough

In 2020, Joe saw an ad on social media promoting a high-ticket digital marketing training. The minimum cost of this training is over ₦350,000 [three hundred and fifty thousand naira].

At the time he saw this ad, he was struggling to raise funds for the delivery of his second son. An event that took place a few weeks before the lockdown. Following the lockdown, his online business went into a coma.

Even though he did not sign up for the training that year, he did sign up for a series of free short courses delivered through email by the digital marketing institute. The institute kept sending him emails. Finally, in March 2022 – over two years later, this young man enrolled for the training.

By now he understood why he needed the training and has come to trust the institute well enough to commit his money to them. Imagine what would have happened if they had given up on sending him emails along the line. fail sometimes

I sell beauty products but there are times when introducing a new product can result in frustration. I had one such experience where every selling angle, ad copy or creative I used in my ads failed and I was about to give up when someone referred me to Jade from PaidTraffik. 

Until now, I have amassed a list of buyers but I never reached out to them whenever I had new stock or to let them know I was still in business. Jade made me realise how much of a treasure I have been sitting on.

We proceeded to compile the list and sent them emails. Cutting the story short, I soon exhausted the 30 packs I bought for trials. This was the same product I couldn’t sell through advertising!

Just for Clarity... Calculating ROI And ROAS

Calculating Your Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI can be calculated using either of two methods.

First method:

ROI = Net Return on Investment (divided by the) Cost of Investment (times) 100%


Net Return on Investment = Profits

Second method:

ROI} = FVI (minus) IVI (divided by the) Cost of Investment (times) 100%


FVI = Final Value of Investment

IVI = Initial Value of Investment

Calculating Your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

ROAS = Revenue from Ad Campaign (divided by the) Cost of Ad Campaign (times) 100%

The Solution You Have Been Looking For

It is hurtful to both the business and its owner when there is nothing to show for the enormous amount spent on advertising. Little wonder 90% of e-commerce businesses fail within their first 120 days of existence according to

Many of them are focused on the return on ad spend [ROAS] but forget to pay attention to their return on investment [ROI]. Meanwhile, it is possible to have a positive ROAS and still end up with a negative ROI.

Let’s say I have an advertising campaign running at a daily budget of ₦10,000 for a product of ₦70,000. If 5 orders come in by the end of day, our ROAS may immediately appear to ₦70,000 x 5 – ₦10,000 = ₦340,000. However, we are yet to confirm and deliver all the orders. This will affect the final ROAS.

If we only got 3 of the orders confirmed and delivered, the new ROAS would be ₦70,000 x 3 – ₦10,000 = ₦200,000. It still feels like a huge profit. Right? Wrong! To get the profit or ROI, we need to:

❌ Deduct the ad spend

❌ Deduct the cost of the product

❌ Deduct the delivery cost [carriage inward]

❌ Deduct the delivery cost [carriage outward]

❌ Deduct packaging cost

❌ Deduct other essential expenses/running costs

Only after all these deductions are done can we arrive at the net profit or ROI for this particular venture.

While the ROAS focuses only on the amount spent on advertising, ROI reviews the net income/profit from an investment against the cost of the investment. Advertising is part of the cost.

It is therefore important that when maximising ROAS, your business should also strive towards a good ROI to avoid a shutdown.

The easiest way to make the most out of your ad spend, that is, optimise your ROAS [Return On Ad Spend] and skyrocket your ROI is to build up a dynamic multichannel remarketing system or DMRS.

A multichannel remarketing system is especially designed 

to interact with new and old customers, clients or subscribers with the goal to keep your offers fresh in their minds and ultimately get them to take a desired action.

This DMRS components include

✅ Email Marketing

✅ SMS Marketing

✅ WhatsApp Marketing

The list above is not exhaustive. However, businesses like yours should strive to have these three in their digital marketing kit, along with advertising.

Why remarket when you can just retarget? With more and more privacy measures being established, businesses who depend on cookies to serve ads to people who visit their websites will gradually reduce in their effectiveness. 

As most marketers have observed, retargeting may not be producing the kind of conversions it did pre-2021. The result: more ad spend, fewer conversions!

In the case of remarketing, you have the data of both active and potential customers – a perfect mashup of hot and warm leads. No cold leads here. The best part is these data you have were given to you willingly.

So, while conversions are tanking and marketers are scratching their brains figuring out what happened to all their advertising efforts, your remarketing system is working overtime to make sure every penny invested into promoting your business counts.

Why We Recommend These Three Components...

There are several digital channels you could engage for your marketing drives but none as widely used as the trio making up the Dynamic Multichannel Remarketing System, DMRS.

✅ According to Hubspot, Litmus, ConstantContact and eMarketer, ROI from email marketing can reach as high as $36-$42 for every $1 spent. That’s a dizzying 3600% – 4200% return on investment. No advertising platform can give you this much.

More businesses are beginning to realize the importance of email marketing in customer acquisition and retention. It is relatively cheaper than most digital marketing channels.

✅ According to RedEye and LabsMobile, open rates for SMS range from 90-99% and most messages are read within 15 minutes after they are received. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is in the region of 80% according to Voyage SMS. Whereas the average CTR for email marketing is less than 5% as per MailChimp’s report.

Gary Vaynerchuk confirms he is getting 98% open rates and 90% engagement rate.

✅ With 90 million users, Statista shows WhatsApp is the app of choice for most Nigerians. According to AISensy, CTR and conversion rates on the app are between 45-60%. This is mind blowing when you consider how cheap it is to stay connected on WhatsApp. 

Just like SMS, most people read their chats almost immediately. This makes for an impressive open rate. Most people read their emails after 2 days or more – it could take months for some persons

Integrating the three platforms into your other marketing drives will mean that you are not leaving anything to chance. 

It is making sure every investment made into your business makes a good return, without making it like advertising is a waste of funds.

What You Gain By Using The DMRS...

There are several benefits to including the dynamic multichannel remarketing system. These include…

✅ Cheap to set up and manage. Setting up an using each of the platforms making up DMRS ranges from as low as $10/mo and this is in a situation where there are no trial options available. 

✅ Convert more prospects and one-time customers into loyal, regular customers through frequent communications

✅ Improving customer experience through feedback surveys, direct interaction

✅ Make the most out of every single kobo you spend on ads. Never run ads with so much uncertainty again. 

✅ Lower your cost of customer acquisition and retention

Where We Come In...

A Most Common Challenge...

One of the hurdles most businesses who already have a multichannel remarketing system have is coming up with copies [content or scripts] they can send on each of these components.

Email marketing, for example, gets better by frequency. The more you send out emails to your customers or clients, the better your conversions get. However, customers engage with email content that resonates with them. 

There’s growing evidence supporting the practice of sending one email per day, if the desire is to get improved results and increased conversions. This would mean 30 – 31 emails per month.

In the case of SMS, the recommended frequency is 4-6 per month

The frequency for WhatsApp status updates is at least once every 24 hours. That is at least 30 – 31 status updates per month. WhatsApp broadcasts may be fewer to avoid appearing to spam your contacts’ DM inboxes.

Let’s not forget, engagement rate with SMS and WhatsApp messages.

We understand how challenging it is coming up with engaging content for your email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. So, our team will work with you to develop high-converting content for your campaigns while you focus on sending them on schedule.

Who This Is For...

Our service is best for you if you are:

✔️ An eCommerce Merchant in the Health, Beauty, Household Niches

✔️ An Affiliate Marketer

✔️ Into Real Estate

✔️ Into Fitness and Spa

✔️ A Travel Agency

✔️ An online course creator

Our Basic Package

Our basic package will deliver:

🔥 30 high-converting, hybrid copies (content) you can use for daily Email and WhatsApp marketing campaigns

🔥 6 high-converting copies for your SMS marketing campaigns

🔥 You also get up to 3 edits and fine-tuning.

Every copy is tailor-made to fit right into your needs. This is why we will be working closely with you.

Quality service thrives on excellent feedback. We encourage timely feedback from our clients to enable us to serve you better and optimize your returns.

Delivery Timeline

Content will be delivered within 5-10 days after the order is placed and payment initiated.

Edits and fine-tuning will be applied to the delivered on demand


For the basic package, our charge is 150,000 97,500/mo. Save a whooping 35% off our regular price. See our packages below:

Your Bonuses

We have a special bonus:

🎁We will help you set up your email sending system. This service is worth ₦30,000 – but you pay nothing

🎁 Get 10 high-converting email copies added to your package at no additional cost. That’s ₦50,000 worth of email copies for FREE.

🎁 Enjoy 2 additional high-converting copies for your SMS marketing campaigns

Flex 1

Save 20%
  • 5-Day Hybrid Email Series
  • Delivered within 24-48 Hours
  • Bonus: 2 Free Hybrid Email Copies
  • Bonus: 1x Editing and Fine-tuning
  • Special Bonus: Customer Support

Flex 2

Save 25%
  • 10-Day Hybrid Email Series
  • Delivered within 24-48 Hours
  • Bonus: 4 Free Hybrid Email Copies
  • Bonus: 1x Editing and Fine-tuning
  • Special Bonus: Customer Support


Save 35%
  • 30-Day Hybrid Email Series
  • 6 SMS Copies
  • Delivered within 5-10 Days
  • Bonus 1: 10 Free Hybrid Email Copies
  • Bonus 2: 2 SMS Copies
  • Bonus 3: Up To 3x Editing and Fine-tuning
  • Special Bonus 1: Customer Support
  • Special Bonus 2: Email System Setup


Save 35.5%
  • 60-Day Hybrid Email Series
  • 12 SMS Copies
  • Delivered within 15-20 Days
  • Bonus 1: 30 Free Hybrid Email Copies
  • Bonus 2: 6 SMS Copies
  • Bonus 3: Up To 5x Editing and Fine-tuning
  • Special Bonus 1: Customer Support
  • Special Bonus 2: Email System Setup

Now, Here Is Something To Note...

Writing content designed to skyrocket ROAS and ROI is not, in the words of a wise man, “a bowl of beans”.

To ensure we deliver an excellent service every time, we have a quota of a minimum 4 and a maximum of 12 clients we can attend to in any given month.

This is saying the availability of our service(s) is on a first come first served basis.

So, if this is something you really want to invest in for the growth of your business, now is the best time to hit the button below and fill out the form to schedule an appointment with us.

A Few More Testimonies...

Earlier this year, I ran an ad that felt like a waste of funds. I made no direct from the ad sale in the 13 days the campaign ran. This would mean a negative ROAS but I had two components of the DMRS, that is, email and WhatsApp marketing in place. Combining these two, I was able to make a 53.4% return on investment. This was all I needed to know if the system worked. I have been using it since then. – Onoh I.


A while ago I ran an ad promoting an e-commerce course as an affiliate. For the days it ran, there were no instant sales but I had a 30-day welcome email series in place as per the DMRS. Eventually, the sales came through the email series and I had a 194% ROI! For the first time, I understood what it means to make sales online even when you are not running ads.

I spent ₦85,000 on ads with no direct sales. With the emails, I made sales of ₦500,000. My commission was 50% or ₦250,000. Imagine what the outcome would have been if I hadn’t integrated emails into my marketing strategy! – Ajodo U.

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Listen, there is no such thing as “easy or fast results”. In fact, if you believe that or you are looking for some “magic wand”, our Dynamic Multichannel Remarketing System is are not for you. We hate this approach to marketing, career and business growth. We believe in time-tested, proven marketing methods combined with powerful tools and lots of hard work. The income claims or results or examples you see on this page are from some of the clients who have diligently implemented our system in their own business or brand. We by no means promise or guarantee that you will get the exact same results as they have, your results may be higher or lower but most importantly, you only stand a chance of achieving some level of success if you implement.

In fact, as stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of commitment, business acumen, personal determination, knowledge, skills, time you commit to implementing the system and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual or business.

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