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Case Studies

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₦50 Million Generated In Less Than 6 Months With Facebook Ads

In June 2020, I had the opportunity of running Facebook ads for a fitness store, selling high ticket equipment.

I had my share of challenges but persisted. The result? Over ₦50,000,000 in gross sales in less than 6 months!

While sharing the challenges with Jonathan Melody in mid-October, I mentioned how much we recorded in sales (not dashboard orders as I removed an estimated number of fake and failed orders).

The results prompted Melody to schedule a Zoom call with me a few days later.

In this Zoom call recorded in October 2020, I share some of the things I did to get these results. 

For clarity: These were cumulative sales from less than 10 products sold between June 16, 2020, and late September 2020.

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